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Installing Spotify on Fedora 13

I’ve recently taken possession of a flashy new workstation running Fedora, and with joy in my heart went to install Spotify on it, only to discover… Noooo… They only offer .deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

Thankfully, the solution was easier than I thought. Do all the following as root…

1. Install dpkg, the Debian package management tool:

yum install dpkg

2. Download the base package for your architecture, and the gnome support package, from here:

3. Create a temp directory, and unpack them there (we want to check for clashes):

mkdir spotify
cd spotify
dpkg -x ../spotify-client-qt_0.4.7.132.g9df34c0-1_amd64.deb .
dpkg -x ../spotify-client-gnome-support_0.4.7.132.g9df34c0-1_all.deb .

4. This gives you a directory tree starting at /usr. You can check for clashes like this:

find -not -type d -exec ls -l /'{}' \;

… and make sure there’s no files found.

5. Then re-extract them into your root partition (hence checking for clashes first):

dpkg -x ../spotify-client-qt_0.4.7.132.g9df34c0-1_amd64.deb /
dpkg -x ../spotify-client-gnome-support_0.4.7.132.g9df34c0-1_all.deb /

6. Finally, we need to manually install qt-x11 as this dependency is needed:

yum install qt-x11

7. Then just type spotify and log in!

Seems pretty stable so far, apart from a couple of minor glitches.

EDIT: As suggested by Tyson Key in this thread, I got rid of the audio glitches by starting the PulseAudio volume control (/usr/bin/pavucontrol) before Spotify. Maybe this adds some buffering or something.

N.B. I take no responsibility if this process damages your computer, your music collection, your hearing or your sanity. Try at your own risk :-)

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