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Importing Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks, with tags

Along with a lot of other people, I was a bit perturbed by the impending closure of Delicious. I’ve been using it for years and have hundreds of bookmarks, and none of the new crop of competitors seem up to the job, either lacking in features, having no bulk-import facility, or just being too new to have the all-important smell of permanence.

Google Bookmarks is the closest one that feels reliable enough and is perfectly adequate if you don’t care about the social features or other bells and whistles — which I don’t, I just want a portable, centralized bookmarks list with an informal tagging scheme. But getting Delicious bookmarks into it in bulk is a real pain, involving merging a couple of files with a Ruby script, importing the results into Firefox, installing the Firefox Google toolbar, and importing into Google Bookmarks through that. And all the tags are given the prefix “Tag:” by the toolbar, for no good reason whatsoever. And of course this requires Firefox, and bulk actions on hundreds of bookmarks is amazingly slow in Firefox, taking several minutes at near-100% CPU.

Until Hacker News user kevko mentioned their JS bookmarklet which does a bulk-import from a Delicious dump, with no hassle, no requirement for Firefox, and no silly tag mangling. From 2006! Check it out here.

Much respect to kevko.

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